where2® GPS Navigation by Garmin

It Does Everything But Drive You There!  
When travel takes you someplace new, there’s no time to play hunt and seek. With Budget’s where2 GPS Navigation, starting at $13.95 a day at available locations, you can look up addresses, hotels and attractions – all with a touch of the screen.


where2 does the rest, routing you there with clear, turn-by-turn directions that announce streets by name–plus real-time traffic alerts to help you avoid jams! And, for the ultimate in hands-free calling, just pair where2 with a Bluetooth®-enabled phone!

  • Announces audible turn-by-turn directions
  • Provides real-time traffic, construction and weather conditions
  • Estimates and updates arrival time as you drive
  • Suggests detours, alternate routes, and points of interest
  • Offers hands-free Bluetooth compatibility
  • Starting at $13.95 a day or $69.75 a week (plus tax) at participating locations

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terms of use

  • Minimum rental age is 25 and varies by location. Underage surcharges may apply at certain locations.
  • Renter acknowledges that (1.) the rental car may be equipped with where2, which utilizes global positioning satellites; (2.)  where2 may be limited by atmospheric or topographical conditions; and (3.) where2 may be rendered inoperative if where2 is tampered with or destroyed and/or damaged in an accident or if the satellite systems are obstructed and inoperative.
  • Customer is responsible for all costs in the event of lost, stolen or damaged where2 unit and all of its components.
  • Renter agrees to release and hold Budget harmless for any where2 failures.