Car Rental in Iowa

A car rental in Iowa is the perfect way to get from Sioux City to Cedar Rapids (with a lot of corn in between). It’s the best way to get around. Whether you’re a local who needs to rent a pickup truck to move your baby into the University of Iowa or a business traveler with a conference in Des Moines, Budget has your back. 

Our state’s wide open spaces suit us just fine, but let’s face it: if you want to get around and see the Hawkeye State, a car rental in IA is the way to go. Make your reservation today. 

What Type of Car Should You Rent in Iowa?

Midsize Car

When you rent a car in Iowa, consider a midsize car. This vehicle’s at home on the streets of Des Moines and zipping through Rolfe.


Standard SUV

There are two national parks in Iowa, and a standard SUV can definitely get you to each one. We’ll see you at Effigy Mounds!


15-Passenger Van

The Iowa State Fair is like none other. Just ask who wants to come—you’ll need to rent a 15-passenger van to hold them all!