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Budget used cars for sale!

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Frequent Renter Account Services

Rent often? You need a customer ID or business account!  
In Summary:  Whether you rent with Budget for personal travel or on behalf of your business, a FREE frequent renter account will make renting faster and easier — and can even save your business money.  

Business Account

Get a business account today! For small businesses or large corporations, Budget has a program that's just right for you and your employees.

Individual Renter Account

Leave it to Budget to store your most important account data — from personal car rental preferences to your rental authorization signature — in a secure, personalized customer ID profile. We make renting worry-free, fast and easy!

New Member Account Options & Benefits Existing Members
RapidRez® w/Fastbreak® service
If skipping the rental counter is important, this is the account for you! Enrollment is free, but a valid credit card is required for enrollment. Storing credit card information on your account is your key to counter bypass at participating locations because a valid form of credit is required for every rental.

RapidRez basic
If bypassing the counter isn't important or you don't want Budget to securely store your credit information on your account, RapidRez basic will store some personal information and rental preferences to save you time at the rental location.

Rent More, Save More
If you are looking for frequent renter discounts, with Rent More, Save More, the more you rent on budget.com, the more you'll save. Enrollment is automatic after your first budget.com rental and also if you are enrolled in either RapidRez program.
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