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Cendant Employees, Franchisees, Licensees and Sales Associates Affected by Hurricane Katrina
Parsippany, NJ Sep 2, 2005 -

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Cendant Corporation continues in its efforts to locate its affected employees.

Unfortunately, due to the evacuation of New Orleans and other areas in Katrina’s path, it remains difficult to communicate with Cendant employees who have migrated from the region. 

If you are an employee, franchisee, licensee or sales associate of Cendant or any of its
subsidiaries, or if you have any information regarding Cendant’s employees in the affected region, please contact the toll-free Cendant Employee Hotline at 1-866-827-2347.  The line will remain open 24/7 until further notice to respond to the needs of Cendant employees whose lives have been disrupted by this very tragic natural disaster. 

Thank you.

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