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Car Rental in Roanoke, VA

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Roanoke Car Rental & Nearby Locations

Rent a Car in Roanoke, Virginia

When you’re looking for the best car rental in Roanoke, VA, head to Budget. You’ll love the ease of finding the perfect car for any occasion, whether you’re a local needing a car while yours is being repaired, or a visitor on vacation or business. 

Rent a car from Budget for affordable prices on compact cars, SUVs, trucks, and beyond. You can add extras to enhance your driving experience, or pick up your Roanoke car rental at our ROA Airport location for ultimate convenience. The time and money you save will enhance your drives in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Roanoke Travel Tips

  1. Mountain roads can be gorgeous with all the beautifully colored leaves on the trees, but also a bit dangerous. Watch out for trucks, keep your eyes on the road, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. That being said, grab a convertible car rental in Roanoke, VA, for truly beautiful tree-lined landscapes and other sights.

  2. Want to take the ultimate selfie? Don’t miss a chance to snap a photo in front of the famed Mill Mountain Star.


Popular Rental Options

Our Virginia mountain town is a rising tourist destination, and it’s easy to see why. With all there is to explore, make sure you have the right cheap rental car in Roanoke, VA, to get you there.


  • Compact Cars: With all the beauty to explore in Roanoke, you’ll want an efficient compact car rental to get around in.

  • Standard SUVs: A standard SUV was made for the mountain roads of Roanoke. Have a great experience in your rental by driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  • Midsize Pickup Trucks: Choose a dependable pickup truck for scenic hiking at Humpback Rocks in Roanoke.

Decided on the right car for you? Fill out the reservation form above to see all available rentals.

Roanoke Tourist Attractions

Explore Park

One of the most popular destinations in Roanoke, Explore Park should be high on your list of sights to see in your Budget rental car. Enjoy 1,200 acres of hiking, biking, and more recreational fun in this forested area, where the Roanoke River Gorge meets the valley.

Mill Mountain Zoo

Head to Mill Mountain Zoo to learn more about the local animals and take a train ride with your kids. Though the zoo is smaller than most big-city zoos, you will love seeing the rescued animals and enjoy the uncrowded vibe of this family-friendly attraction.