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With plenty of shops to visit, beaches to explore, parks to enjoy, and eateries to indulge in, San Diego is an absolute must-visit. Experience everything the city has to offer by reserving an SUV rental in San Diego. You’ll love having a vehicle that has an aesthetically pleasing exterior and a comfortable roomy interior. The extra room for friends and family can simplify trips to SeaWorld and enhance road trips across California. See why SUVs have become so popular, and choose from a variety of cheap SUV rentals in San Diego today. 

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San Diego International Airport SUV Rental

No one wants to stay at the airport longer than necessary. With an SUV rental from the San Diego airport, you can quickly be on your way. A one-way rental is also great for those who want a reliable, no-fuss ride to the airport on their way out of town. Reserve an SUV rental in San Diego so you can travel with ease. 


Top SUV Destinations in San Diego

  • Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve: Use the extra space of an SUV rental to fit in bicycles and take advantage of the mountain biking trails in the area. For those who prefer walking, the preserve has a number of scenic hiking trails as well.

  • La Jolla Cove: Book a luxury SUV rental in San Diego and drive to this picturesque cove and beach. Make sure to bring your snorkeling or scuba gear so you can observe the abundant marine life.  

  • San Elijo State Beach: This beach is a great destination for overnight camping. Pack your SUV with snacks, sleeping bags, and gear, and get ready to sleep under the stars.