Commissions Policy | Budget Car Rental

In recognition of the business brought to us by travel agencies, Budget pays 5% commission on the base rate of leisure rentals and commercial rentals where there's no individually established discount program in place. Commission payment applies to non-prepaid rates only.

Budget's policy is to pay commission on the base rate (also known as 'time and mileage') reserved by a travel professional for a car rental, unless the renter actually incurs fewer base rental charges than reserved. In that instance. Budget pays commission on the base rate actually incurred by the renter. Budget does not pay commission on rental charges other than reserved 'time and mileage' charges, including, but not limited to, all optional charges incurred beyond the reserved base rates, Garmin GPS System, additional driver fees, Loss Damage Waiver, Personal Accident and Effects Insurance, Emergency Sickness Plan, and Supplemental Liability Insurance, ski racks, child safety seats, fuel recovery service fees, airport concession recovery fees, other surcharges and taxes, or any other fee or charge besides the base rate.

Commission Inquiries

Budget knows how important your commission is to you, therefore commissions are processed promptly after the completion of each qualifying rental and payments are disbursed monthly.

If you have not received your commission within a 60-day period after completion of a rental, please send an email to We will investigate your inquiry and respond back to you within 7 business days. Forms can also be found in your GDS under Budget keyword "COMM".

ARC/IATA Numbers

Budget must have your agency's ARC/IATA number on file and in your reservation for you to receive your commission. We regularly update our files with current ARC/IATA numbers.

To confirm that your ARC/IATA number is correctly in our files or to apply for a temporary Budget assigned number all you have to do is contact Budget at:

1-800-HELP-100 in the U.S.

1-800-435-7004 in Canada

For a Budget assigned number provide us with the following information; Agency Name/Address/Phone, IRS Taxpayer Number, Business License Number, and Owner Name.

Budget will then verify the above information and call you back within 48 hours with a budget assigned number. You may begin using this Budget assigned number immediately to begin tracking commissions. We will send you an official application to complete, sign and return to Budget. As soon as your agency application is approved, payment of all tracked commissions will be made to your agency.