Luxury Car Rental in Seattle

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Luxury Car Rental in Seattle

Seattle, the Emerald City, is a beautiful destination for special occasions, for business meetings, and for vacationing. As you picture the views of Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound, imagine how perfect the experience would be from the seat of a luxury car rental. You could cruise downtown and visit the Space Needle, or drive a premium SUV out to the beautiful Olympic National Forest. Wherever you plan to go, the experience will be better with the comfort, power, and style of a luxury rental car.

Rent a Luxury Car in Seattle

Start your trip in the Pacific Northwest with the convenience and freedom offered by renting a luxury vehicle in Seattle. Use one of our many car rental locations in Seattle: Sea-Tac airport, several downtown, one in the University District, and several more east of Lake Washington. Pick out your dream car from among brands such as Jaguar, Mustang, BMW, and Mercedes.

Here at Budget we work hard to give you the best experience. You can book a rental through our mobile app faster than it takes to get another cup of coffee. You can qualify for the Budget Best Rate Guarantee to get an even lower price. And our optional roadside assistance is perfect if you get a flat tire on a mountain road near Seattle; we’ll get your trip back on track as soon as possible.

Luxury Car Rental Options

Here are some of our attractive luxury vehicle categories. Each includes several makes and models, but since not every vehicle will be available at every location be sure to make your reservation today.

  • Convertible Car Rental: Imagine putting the top down on a Mustang convertible and feeling the breeze off the Puget Sound.

  • Coupe Sports Car Rental: You’ll look and feel amazing rolling into any event in Seattle in a powerful sports car like a Chevy Camaro 1LT.  

  • Luxury SUV Rental: Take a premium SUV like the Range Rover to rugged Discovery Park for kayaking, biking, and hiking.

  • Luxury Sedans: If you’re staying at a luxury hotel, like the Seattle Marriott Waterfront, why not pair it with a luxury sedan, like a Lincoln Continental?

  • Muscle Car Rental: Enjoy roaring up the I-5 in a high-performance, Dodge Challenger or other muscle car—that’s freedom!

Why Rent a Luxury Vehicle?

There are several reasons to rent a luxury car. A premium vehicle will enhance special occasions, impress clients and colleagues, and help make a vacation all that it can be.

  • Executive car hire: When you need to order a car for a VIP, top customer, or manager above you, he or she will enjoy driving from Sea-Tac in the best vehicle you can get. You can’t show appreciation for someone’s status with an economy car!

  • Vacation: Live the good life during your Seattle vacation. A luxury car can give you comfort, prestige, and the great feeling of getting the best there is.

  • Business travel: A luxury car is a great way to show your Seattle clients that you’re successful and prestigious, which can motivate them to work with you even more!

Special events: Seattle is a beautiful setting for a wedding, an anniversary vacation, or an upscale business event. Enjoy it in a special way with the perfect luxury vehicle for the occasion.