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Car Rental in Flint, MI


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Flint Car Rental & Nearby Locations

Rent a Car in Flint, Michigan

A Flint car rental is here to make traveling easy and pleasant. From car accidents to touring a new city, a rental car helps you feel in control and a little less out of place. Quickly get from your hotel to the office or save money on transportation to and from our Flint Bishop International Airport rental location.

Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to see Crossroads Village or taste divine cuisine at Flint Crepe Company. From minivans to sedans and more, book a cheap car rental in Flint, MI, today!


Flint Travel Tips

  1. Are you looking for an avenue or street? Numbered avenues are usually on the north side of the Flint River, with numbered streets on the south.

  2. Bring vitamin D for extra energy during your stay. Flint is known for being overcast, and vitamin D can help substitute when you’re missing the sun.


Popular Rental Options

From outdoor excursions to the Flint Institute of Arts, a rental car can conveniently carry you throughout and around the city. Find a rental and book your car today!


  • Full-Size Cars: When traveling for work to Detroit, a full-size car rental can make the trip a little more comfortable. 

  • Minivans: A van rental in Flint, MI, can make life easier when taking the kids over for a visit to the Sloan Museum at Courtland and Longway Planetarium. 

  • Standard SUVs: Load up a standard SUV rental with fishing gear and camping chairs and enjoy a day of fishing for bluegill or bass. 

Luckily for you, Budget offers even a larger variety of rental cars. Discover more models, prices, and availability when you fill out the form above.

Flint Tourist Attractions

Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad

Use a cheap car rental in Flint to reach the Huckleberry Railroad. Not only can you ride an authentic Baldwin steam train but it will take you to Crossroads Village where activities and attractions await in a historical town. 

For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum

Rent a car and begin to explore the over 380 acres of ponds, trees, wildlife, and more. The arboretum is home to a wide variety of trees and is considered a tree museum. The rest of the park offers a visitor center and even a treehouse.