Luxury Car Rental in Boston

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Luxury Car Rental in Boston

Boston is a beautiful city rich with American history, and it’s even better in a luxury car rental. Boston is welcoming to all visitors—unless you’re a Yankees fan.

Drive up to Fenway Park in style and sing Sweet Caroline with the crowd at a Boston Red Sox game. Take a drive through the famous neighborhood of Beacon Hill. Enjoy the old-time feel with ivy-covered brick buildings and beautiful flora throughout the seasons. Check out the waterfront views as you drive around the Boston Harbor.

There’s no better way to take in the sights of Boston than in one of our luxury car rentals.

Rent a Luxury Car in Boston

Leave your stresses behind and explore the city of Boston behind the wheel of one of our luxury car rentals. We offer several different car rental locations in Boston to make renting a car convenient for our customers.

If you’re flying into the city, our airport location might be the best option for you. If you prefer to get settled in before picking up a car, we also have several locations throughout the city such as our Waterfront/Harbor Park location on Atlantic Avenue and our Boston Back Bay Station location on Clarendon Street.

When you choose a Budget car rental, you can be confident that you are getting great rates on top quality cars. Depending on the location, you can rent premium vehicles and sport car rentals from high-end brands like a Mustang, Jaguar, or Mercedes.

Luxury Car Rental Options

We offer a large variety of luxury vehicles to choose from in Boston. The makes and models at any given location will vary. Here are the luxury car rental options we offer from our car fleet.

  • Luxury Sedan [mid-size cars]: Take advantage of the performance, class, and comfort of a premium mid-size sedan like the Chrysler 300 LTD 3.6L.

  • Convertible Car Rental: Enjoy a summer’s day or an uninhibited view of Boston’s changing colors in the Fall with a convertible car rental.

  • Coupe Sports Car Rental: These sporty cars easily navigate Boston’s narrow roads. Enjoy comfort and style with our coupe sports car rentals like a Ford Mustang.

  • Luxury SUV Rental: Choose a vehicle that stands out and stands up to Boston winters and the great outdoors. Choose a luxury SUV rental like the Jaguar F-PACE.

  • Luxury Sedan [full-size cars]: Enjoy the classic elegance that works whether you’re at Fenway Park or enjoying a night of fine dining at Parker’s Restaurant with a premium full-size sedan like the Lincoln Continental.

  • Muscle Car Rental: Enjoy your time behind the wheel in Boston. Looks, smarts, and brawn—you get the whole package with our muscle car rentals like the Dodge Challenger.

Why Rent a Luxury Vehicle?

No matter what brings you to Boston, your rental car can make or break the experience. Choose comfort, style, and class on your next trip to Beantown.

  • Vacation: Treat yourself to comfort and style with a luxury car rental on your trip to Boston. After all, you’re on vacation!

  • Business travel: The type of rental car you use makes a huge impact on your first impression for your clients. Travel in style through the streets of Boston.

Special events: The details can make or break a special occasion. You won’t regret splurging for the Massachusetts General Hospital’s elegant Storybook Ball or for a wedding car rental.