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Increase your productivity with a FREE Budget customer account ID. Speed through the car rental process and the time you save will be your own!  

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Each Budget account type has its benefits! Check out the details below, choose the one that's right for you, then enroll online for RapidRez basic or RapidRez with Fastbreak service.

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The e-mail address you use for your first reservation automatically becomes your ID if you didn't use a RapidRez number for the reservation. After your first rental, use your ID every time you reserve on to get 10-20% or more off your rentals under the Rent More, Save More program.

Once you have a ID, you may then choose to create a passcode to sign in and view your Rent More, Save More rental credits. A passcode is not required to make a reservation, but it will speed you through the process. Simply log in with your passcode to apply all your personal account information to your reservation.

After you have a ID, you may then choose to enroll in FREE RapidRez. If you'd like your Rent More, Save More rental credits to apply to your new RapidRez account, simply use the same e-mail address for both accounts and, after your next rental, your credits will automatically transfer to your new account.

A basic RapidRez account gives you faster online reservations and saves time at the counter. Give us your preferences and we'll keep them on file for all of your future car rentals. A RapidRez account enables you to:

  • automatically apply your personal data to your reservation
  • reserve a car in seconds on with One-Click Booking 
  • save your rental option preferences such as GPS or coverages
  • update most profile information online instantly

For this basic RapidRez account, adding your credit card information to your file is optional, but will futher expedite your rental experience. Create a RapidRez account to start saving time today.

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For the fastest, easiest rental experience, you'll need to add Fastbreak service to your basic RapidRez account. You'll avoid long lines — and your paperwork will be waiting at one of over 800 worldwide Fastbreak locations that offers one of two service levels:
  • At many major airports, Fastbreak Choice lets you by-pass the counter, access an easy check-in monitor, find your name, head to your rental car, and go.
  • At Fastbreak Counter locations, just stop at the Fastbreak counter to flash your license, grab your keys and go.

To get Fastbreak service, just store all your rental preferences as part of your RapidRez account — including your credit card information and your signature. Whether you want to upgrade your existing RapidRez account or you need a new account, it's fast, easy and FREE to get Fastbreak today!


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