Zip through toll booths for only $3.95 for each rental day!  
In Summary:  Breeze from highway to highway without having to keep toll change at hand. E-Toll is installed in many cars in California, the Chicago area, Colorado, Florida, the Northeast U.S. (from Maine to North Carolina), Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Puerto Rico.  

If you use e-Toll, you will be charged a $3.95 convenience fee for each day of the rental, including any days on which e-Toll is not used, up to a maximum of $16.75 per rental month, plus incurred tolls at the cash rate. There is no charge for Budget e-Toll unless you use it.

More questions? Read our e-Toll common questions to learn more or send us an e-mail at customerservice@budgetrentacartolls.com

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