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How can I get a Budget rental coupon code?

It’s easy to get a Budget car rental coupon. We’ve listed some of our best discounts for you right here! Just take a look at the discount code table below to find the car rental deal that’s best for you.


Budget Coupon Codes & BCD Codes- US Offers



    Coupon Code   

Free Upgrade

For a limited time, get a free upgrade


$10 off a $175 Car Rental

Save on your next car rental of 3 days or more

Discount automatically applied

Budget + Amazon

Stack the savings! Get up to 30% off your rental + 10% back in an Amazon Gift Card*

Savings automatically applied



BCD Code

Budget Best Price Guarantee

Save up to 35% off when you Pay Now


Your Local Neighborhood Location

Save up to 10% on low rates


Up to 25% OFF Base Rates + up to 10% Donated

Save up to 25% on your car rental base rate and up to 10% of your base rate will be donated to Susan G Komen® for breast cancer research.


Weekly Car Rental Deal

Save up to 10% on Rentals of 5 Days or More


What is a BCD Code?

A BCD code is a Budget Customer Discount Code. Both BCD codes and coupon codes help you get a great deal when you rent a car.

The important difference is that you enter BCD codes and coupon codes in different boxes.


Where to Enter a Coupon Code

There are two ways you can add a BCD code or coupon code to your reservation.

1. Click any one of the entry boxes in the reservation form above and you will see an expanded form like the one pictured below. Click the “Offer Codes” tab at the bottom of the form and then you will see the discount code boxes for both BCD codes and coupon codes- make sure you put your code in the right box.

2. You can also click one of the discount codes in the table from the previous section and you will be directed to a page dedicated to that discount. On those pages, the offer code is automatically prefilled in the reservation form.



Featured Budget Discounts

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Weekly Car Rental Deal

Save up to 10% on Rentals of 5 Days or More

Save Now

Save with Budget + Amazon

Get up to 30% off your rental + 10% back in an Amazon.com gift card

Get This Deal

Local Car Rental

Save up to 10% at your Local Car Rental Location

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