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Midsize Luxury Sedan Rental Options From Budget

What is a midsize luxury sedan? Midsize luxury cars are smaller than full-size sedans but larger than compact cars. When you rent luxury sedans from Budget, you’ll enjoy a high-end interior with room for up to five passengers to comfortably sit for a long road trip. This type of rental car combines comfort and style into one perfect package. Budget offers the following and similar models in our fleet of midsize luxury sedans.

  • BMW 540 Sedan

    You’ll love the classy, stylish look of your BMW 540 rental from Budget. Get a powerful engine, quiet ride, and remote control parking.

    BMW 540 Sedan


Vehicle make, model, trim, features and color are not guaranteed and are subject to location and availability. Vehicles listed for this car group are subject to change at anytime. Vehicle features are subject to change based on the vehicle model year.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent a midsize luxury sedan?

Renting midsize luxury sedans from Budget is a simple process. Make your reservation today, by filling out the form above. We have many convenient locations. You’ll find us nearby, wherever your journeys take you.

Where can I rent a midsize luxury sedan from Budget?

Budget has rental locations all over the United States, and many of them have midsize luxury cars in the rental fleet. Check out our locations page to find a pickup location close to where you’ll be spending time on your trip. Then plug your desired location and rental dates into the form to check out car availability for your trip.


Similar Car Options

Midsize Luxury Sedan Rental Benefits

Budget offers an array of vehicle styles for your rental needs. So why rent a midsize luxury car? Because you see driving as more than just getting from point A to point B. You want luxury. You want comfort. You want to turn heads. You want to drive a BMW, Jaguar, or Benz, and you’ll be disappointed if you find yourself in a lesser vehicle. Here are a few more benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose this type of rental for your upcoming travels:

  • High-Performance
  • Stylish
  • Fun to Drive
  • Comfortable