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Full-Size Luxury Sedan Rental Options From Budget

What is a full-size luxury sedan? Full-size luxury sedans are five-passenger cars that provide you with the very best in brand and comfort. You can cruise in a classy Lincoln Continental or similar models like the lavish Lincoln Continental. These large luxury cars are built to impress, making them perfect for business trips or a romantic weekend. Plus, the spacious and comfortable interior means they also work great for family vacations and road trips. Book a large luxury sedan here.

  • Lincoln Continental

    The Lincoln Continental is an iconic, high-end sedan packed with premium features. With a Lincoln Continental rental, you’ll enjoy both luxury and dependability.

    Lincoln Continental

  • Cadillac XTS

    A Cadillac XTS rental is the perfect way to travel when you want comfort and extra space along with the peak of style and quality.

    Cadillac XTS


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent a full-size luxury sedan?

Rent a full-size luxury sedan from Budget today by filling out the short form at the top of this page. You only need to enter your pickup location, and rental dates to get started.

Where can I rent a full-size luxury sedan from Budget?

Full-size luxury sedans can be reserved at many of our numerous US locations. Use the booking form above to check availability at your desired pickup location. 

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Full-Size Luxury Sedan Benefits

Full-size luxury cars like the Lincoln Continental and Cadillac XTSare built for better driving and ultimate comfort. Full-size luxury sedans include extra leg room and lots of trunk space, making them a great option for traveling. These attention-grabbing vehicles are fun to drive, no matter where you are headed, and might even make you wish your destination was further away. Load up your kids, colleagues, or friends and enjoy the many benefits of a large luxury sedan, including those listed below.

  • High-Performance Car
  • Spacious Interior
  • Easy to Park
  • Stylish
  • Dependable