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What is an economy car?

This type of vehicle usually has 4 doors and seating for 5 passengers. An economy car is the smallest of all vehicle groups. The name comes from the affordable rental price and excellent fuel economy—most economy car rentals offer a stellar 30 MPG or better. This is a great option for anyone taking a long road trip or wanting to maximize their savings while traveling. Keep reading to learn more about the various makes, models, and benefits of economy rental cars from Budget.

  • Ford Fiesta

    The popular Ford Fiesta rental is an excellent value, offering great gas mileage, ease of parking, and an overall enjoyable ride.

    Ford Fiesta

  • Hyundai Accent

    With a Hyundai Accent rental from Budget you get an affordable economy vehicle with plenty of cabin space, plus enviable handling and driving power.

    Hyundai Accent

  • Kia Rio

    The Kia Rio rental is the perfect car for those wanting an efficient vehicle that also packs a powerful punch and has impressive safety scores.

    Kia Rio

  • Smart Car

    A Smart Car rental is perfect when traveling alone or in a twosome. You’ll be able to park with ease and get incredible gas mileage anywhere you go with this small car rental.

    Smart Car

  • Volkswagen Golf

    Choose a Volkswagen Golf rental and get many perks, including easy handling, a hatchback cargo area, and roomy inside for up to 5 passengers.

    Volkswagen Golf


Vehicle make, model, trim, features and color are not guaranteed and are subject to location and availability. Vehicles listed for this car group are subject to change at anytime. Vehicle features are subject to change based on the vehicle model-year.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent an economy car?

Economy car rental couldn’t be easier with Budget. Get started with your reservation by filling out the booking form at the top of the page. Enter your desired pickup location and date. Then book your vehicle on the following page.

Where can I rent an economy car from Budget?

We have Budget Car Rental locations across the country, including at countless airports. You’ll likely find a Budget location near your desired pickup point, or possibly close to where you are now. Pop your preferred pickup location into the form above to see what vehicles are available.


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Economy Car Rental Benefits

An economy rental is perfect for small groups who don’t need a huge amount of room and are looking to save some serious money on vehicle costs. A small car like this will get you where you need to go reliably but with a fraction of the gas that a larger, flashier ride might require. You’ll also be able to maneuver easily in traffic and park in a snap, simplifying your driving experience. An economy car rental offers many additional benefits, including:

  • Great Gas Mileage
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Reliability