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In Summary: Whether you want to make a car rental reservation, cancel or change a car reservation or review our policies, you've come to the right place! Or, for a moving truck visit budgettruck.com.

Make a Car Reservation
Renting for business or pleasure is easy! You'll need either the three-character airport code or your desired pick-up city, state or zip plus your rental dates and times. Simply enter that information into our online reservation form, click "continue" and you'll see available cars, and rates for your rental days.

Car in the shop? Relax — and let Budget help manage your car replacement rental needs. Whether an insurance company is covering the rental or you're paying out of pocket, you'll enjoy special discounted rates. If an insurance company is involved, we'll directly bill them for the rental, giving you one less thing to worry about. Simply reserve your replacement vehicle online and we'll do the rest!

Already Have a Reservation?

You'll need your confirmation number and last name to change a reservation.
View, change or cancel your business or leisure car reservation.
View, change or cancel your car replacement reservation.

Common Questions

What's a BCD? What's a Coupon Code and where can I find one? What's a RapidRez Number? Common questions is the place to find these and other answers to your questions.

Find a Location

Need to find the most convenient rental location or browse all Budget locations in a city, state or zip code? Our location finder can help. Or just enter your location city, state, zip, rental dates and times into online reservation system, click continue, and we'll find the Budget car rental location nearest your destination!


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