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At Budget, we take pride in each other, our service, workplace and company. "Budget Pride" is an ongoing initiative that supports loyalty, quality assurance, safety and
well-being among our employees.

Employee involvement is integral at Budget, because we believe that each associate deserves the opportunity to be heard and is empowered to contribute valuable ideas and suggestions.

As a proud equal-opportunity employer, we provide a diverse and inclusive workplace. We deliver solid support during every stage of each employee's career path, offering effective training, performance rewards, and recognition programs.

Budget values diversity and celebrates individual demographic, cultural and lifestyle differences.

"Attention to diversity helps us make sure that we as a company are drawing fully on our creative and intellectual resources," explains Darlene Hill, Director of Equal Employment Opportunity. "This important focus empowers us to tap into new markets, enhance our work environment, and better serve our customers."

Budget focuses on building strong community relationships in cities all across the country. To make the most of our corporate contributions, we concentrate our philanthropic efforts on national organizations that serve the local needs of the communities in which we operate.

Among the organizations we've supported are After-School All Stars, Tom Joyner Foundation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and the American Red Cross.
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